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Golden Brasil

Golden Brasil : An Extraordinary coffee from Passion and Experience

Golden Brasil Coffee Group is a historical Italian roastery, which holds several coffee brands, such as Golden Brasil Coffee, Caffè Arditi Roma and Alunni Atelier del Caffè. They are producers of a wide range of high quality coffee blends, many of which are awarded with Gold Medal from the International Coffee Tasting.

Golden Brasil Coffee is very dynamic, with high-tech production facilities and a long tradition in the art of Espresso Italiano coffee and are certified Halal and Organic.

By engaging in the search for superior quality coffees and selecting their coffees from the best plantations around the world, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Jamaica and others, are creating a wide range of blends to give an ideal product to each customer and a perfect product to the final consumer.

The coffee is expertly roasted to perfection to bring out all the hidden flavours locked in the tiny bean.

The coffee blends are suitable for all tastes and captivate the senses with their distinct aroma.

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